Monday, February 19, 2007

Coffee + Blogs = Great Start To My Day...

Everyday at 6:00 am my alarm goes off ( for 2 weeks now, I've gotten up to Boston's - More Than A Feeling ) I get my coffee, and sit down in front of my computer... I don't watch the morning shows, or the news, and I don't read the paper ( funnies and horoscopes don't count )... I read blogs... The blogs in my list ( which, I need to update )... The blogs on their lists and so on... I get my news (sort of ) updates on whats going on with people I don't know, from places I haven't been ( yet )... This morning I ran across this, which cracks me up ( Word Cloud ). Check it out... This is mine... Shit made the list... evidently I use that word alot...


Anonymous said...

Ya know... this rather tickles me!

I like it!


Gina Bruce said...

i have wondered where this came from!!!

i love that i'm in your cloud! ;)

"so" is SO going to be in mine... so is "fucking".



Shaney said...

LOL I used to have a cloud on mine at the very beginning of my 1st blog but all it seemed to contain was DULL, BORING & SAD...So I ditched in favour of no cloud and a positive outlook, perhaps I should try it again sometime...xx