Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ten Tiny Tings...

Big Daddy tagged me... So here are my Ten Tiny Tings...

1. When you were born, how much did you weigh?

5lbs. 4oz. ... I got here a little early... 4 weeks.

2. What's you're sugar poison?

Ben & Jerry's 2Twisted Everything But The... or
Peanut Butter Cup

3. If you had to choose between meat and cheese for the rest of your life,
which would you choose? Then be specific.

I would have to say Meat... Mmmmm Meat... Meat good...
Chicken, fish, pork... I'm not big on the red meat.

4. What, is your opinion, is the worst song ever?

Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy (1988)... Jeebus H this song drives
me fuckin' bonkers... I hated it when it came out... My own private hell
will be trapped in a room with this song playing on a loop... I'm just sayin'

5. Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?

I would have to say Mrs. Mitchell... She was my 7th and 12th grade
English/Literature teacher... (She switched from Middle School to High School
some where in there) She was an amazing woman... She was the first teacher that
treated us as adults, equals, and sparked my love of reading... Comics, Sci/Fi... She
was awesome.

6. What personal activity, when performed in public, bothers you the most?

Although the nail thing is pretty nasty... I would have to say, blocking one nostril
and blowing through the other to clear it out, is something I would rather not see...
Having grown up in the south, it's quite common to see older gentlemen do this
outside... It's just nasty.

7. Ok, there's a $50 bill lying on the ground. You pick it up. Dumbfounded by your incredible luck, what do you selfishly purchase?

First I would check to see if anyone around me dropped it, If no one is around... I
guess I would stop by my local arcade and play for hours... Hmmm What a perfect day.

8. Do you have a recurring nightmare? If so, explain.

I don't remember much of my dreams as an adult... I had night terrors as a child,
screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night... breaking windows with bare
hands trying to escape from the house... sleep walking... and recurring nightmares...

One in particular, vividly stands out... I'm in a Semi truck (no trailer), no driver
we are on a windy dirt road in the woods... through the trees I can see a clearing
and a house... the lights are on... circling the house are old cars, trucks, and big
machines, like bulldozers and dump trucks (no drivers)... There are people trapped
in the house... Children... I have to get them out... I have to protect them... There is a
flash... I'm inside the house... I'm holding a girl telling her everything is going to be
fine... we are standing at the window... I see through the trees a Semi (no trailer)
no driver... I know help is coming... I hear a loud horn, and a crash... I would then
wake up screaming...
I can still see those images in my head, smell the smells, hear the horn... It still creeps
me out... What can I say... I'm a freak.

9. Name one place on Earth you've never been, but vow to visit at least once.

Egypt... I really need to see the pyramids... and maybe ride a camel.

10. You notice that question #9 wasn't really a question. You feel smart for catching such a small detail. What else can you do really well that reminds you how smart you are?

Ohhh... # 9 wasn't a question...

I tag Ms. Ashbourne, Kaori, Sue, Mistress Jessica, Katie O.... Ready Steady GO!


Sue said...

Just remember that I never forgive those who tag me!

Big Daddy said...

Ick, the nostril thing is pretty grody.

Your dream reminds me of 'Maximum Overdrive'.

Thanks for playing along!!

Steve said...

I so agree with the nostril thing! I don't know why the hell people think it's alright to do that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for keeping us "informed" with the happenings in your life. Still enjoying your blog, and still one of your "biggest" fans...
Keep up the great work.
We're lovin' ya out here in San Francisco.

JoAnna Ashbourne said...

Can you believe I actually responded. =)

Anonymous said...

Why can't I find Big Daddy's ten Tiny Things on his website?

Muzbot said...

"Don't Worry Be Happy" hurts my brain too... Oh, except the version that the Futurama cast sing.

Big Daddy said...

Here's my 'tings'.

Donnie said...

Very cool responses to your ten things. :)

dirk.mancuso said...

Oh great -- now I have that damn Bobby McFerrin song stuck in my head.

Thanks for that, Syn.

Thanks loads.

Scot said...

The night terror sounds like "Maximum Overdrive" with maybe a little bit of "Firestarter." Did they let you watch scary movies when you were a little kid? I used to be scared of Gremlins hiding in my bed.

Sue said...

Aren't you leaving on vacation soon???

Scot said...

You may say you're an old bitch but I think you're a hottie- I don't care what the other queens say.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.