Sunday, January 21, 2007

Forgive Me Dermatologist For I Have Tanned

Okay... It's mid January, and I did it... Not once but twice... I TANNED... There I said it... It's out in the open and the weight has been lifted, Ahhhhh. I know it's bad for me, I've talked with my dermatologist, I've read the reports, and yes... I feel a lil guilty... I don't consider myself to be vain... However working in front of a mirror all day long... I'm so pale... dark circles... I look tired... sickly... rundown... not cute... So I did it... I went next door and tanned, and you know what... It felt good... wrapped in a warm cocoon of light, while 160 BPM were infusing my body and soul with energy on a cold cold January day... I mean really, whats more appetizing to you... which would you rather eat...


Matt said...

I just went and tanned yesterday too. I actually felt more energetic when I left the salon. Is that weird?

Kelly said...

I love tanning beds... something about being naked with heat and a little fan blowing on you with some music... it is very relaxing... I just ran across your blog through Famous Like Me blog... I will now add you to my blog roll... keep tanning!! hehee

Gina Bruce said...

snap. it's like old home week bitches. all these peeps I know getting linked up via the world -wide interweb.

i nub it.
i nub synrgy. don't overcook your carcass.

when are you coming to SF, betch?

brenton said...

I say tan all you like... I feel like a better and more complete person with golden skin. I know i'll age early and I will look like a crocodile handbag sooner rather than later, but i will have been more fabulous on the road there!