Monday, January 29, 2007

Release The Hounds

Holy Shit... Ive Been Meaning To Post This... It Was In Creative Loafing ( Local Rag ) 2 Weeks Ago... ROFLOL
There Are Too Many Things That I Could Say... But The Most Obvious... Actually I Wont Even Go There... But You Guys Should... Caption This... It Would Make Me Laugh...


M@ said...

Spain has such better shows than Mexico... honestly, the donkey one was NOT WHAT I IMAGINED.

and oddly enough, the horse started out brown.

Scot said...

Can't beleive no one played along on this!
There are som many dirty things to say about being horse hung that my brain can't settle on anything.
The clean one would be: dude, it's a horse, not a segway.
Going through your old posts too. Thanks for the compliments and feel free to violate away.